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Memeo Connect screenshotsMemeo Connect for Google Apps is a new computer app that provides an simple way to access, migrate, and synchronize files to Google Docs across multiple computers.   Sync your Work Pc to your Home Mac automatically and instantly, all via the cloud. See also Memeo Connect alternatives

Memeo Connect
(Memeo Connect screenshot #1)

The Memeo Gdrive looks and acts like a physical drive on your computer and is integrated with your local file solution. You can drag and drop files into it and save files to Memeo Gdrive directly from within any app.

Memeo Connect
(Memeo Connect screenshot #2)

Any files that are added to the Memeo Gdrive will automatically appear in Memeo Connect as well as in Google Docs. Best of all Memeo Connect operates with the ecosystem of devices that you already use including your Mac or Pc computer, an Iphone or your Ipad.

Memeo Connect
(Memeo Connect screenshot #3)

Whether you are a enterprise, a enterprise professional or a consumer, Memeo Connect for Google Apps is a great way to extend the power of Google Docs for the ultimate Google Docs experience.

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