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Mediawiki screenshotsMediawiki is a no-cost solution wiki suite originally written for Wikipedia. It is now used by several other projects of the non-profit Wikimedia Foundation and by many other wikis, including this site, the home of Mediawiki. See also Mediawiki alternatives

(Mediawiki screenshot #1)

The first edition of the solution was deployed to serve the needs of the no-cost data Wikipedia encyclopedia in 2002. It has been deployed since then by many organizations as a data management solution for internal knowledge management. Notably, Novell uses it to operate several of its high-traffic sites.

(Mediawiki screenshot #2)

Thousands of sites use Mediawiki. Some educators have also assigned students to use Mediawiki for collaborative team projects.

(Mediawiki screenshot #3)

The solution is optimized to correctly and productively handle projects of all sizes, including the largest wikis, which can have terabytes of data and hundreds of thousands of hits per second. Because Wikipedia is one of the world's largest sites, achieving scalability via multiple layers of caching and database replication has also been a major concern for programmers. Wikipedia and other Wikimedia projects continue to define a big part of the requirement specify for Mediawiki.

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