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Lotus Sametime screenshotsLotus Sametime solution provides integrated, entERPrise instant messaging, point-to-point video, integration with computer productivity apps such as Microsoft Office, file transfer, integrated chat histories, and optional integration with supported audio, video, and telephony solutions. See also Lotus Sametime alternatives

Lotus Sametime
(Lotus Sametime screenshot #1)

Because IBM Sametime is middleware, it supports entERPrise solution and enterprise workflow integration (communication Enabled Enterprise Process), either via a IBM Sametime add-on or by surfacing IBM Sametime features via external apps. IBM Sametime integrates with a wide variety of solution, including Lotus collaboration offers, Microsoft Office productivity solution, and portal and Web apps.

Lotus Sametime
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IBM Sametime is a client server entERPrise app that contains the IBM Sametime Connect client for end-users and the IBM Sametime Server for control and administration. IBM Sametime comes in 4 levels of feature-set.

Lotus Sametime
(Lotus Sametime screenshot #3)

IBM Sametime Entry offers general presence and instant messaging. IBM Sametime Standard offers add-on feature-set to IBM Sametime Entry.

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