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LotusLive screenshotsLotuslive offers essential collaboration applications to simplify andimprove your daily enterprise interactions with clients, partners andcolleagues. Work with people seamlessly inside and external yourorganization and streamline communications. Lotuslive helps you bringpeople and data together rapidly and simply in an easy-to-useenvironment, developed with security in mind. See also LotusLive alternatives

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Lotuslive Connections offers an integrated specify of collaboration functions for enterprise networking, instant messaging, sharing files, managing collaborative to-dos called Activities, visualizing information, and sending out surveys.

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Lotuslive Meetings is a full-featured, web web conference solution, formerly known as Lotus Sametime Unyte Meeting.

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Lotuslive Engage combines the feature-set of Lotuslive Connections and Lotuslive Meetings. It was code-named Bluehouse and was first announced at Lotusphere in January 2008.

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