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Live Meeting screenshotsMicrosoft Office Live Meeting is a hosted online meeting solution that connects and engages audiences in online meetings, training, and events via a robust, entERPrise-class hosted solution. With meeting attendees participating from their Pcs, you can deliver a presentation, kick off a project, brainstorm ideas, edit files, work together on whiteboards, and negotiate deals at a fraction of the cost and without the hassle of travel. See also Live Meeting alternatives

Live Meeting
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Microsoft Office Live Meeting is a separate piece of solution which is installed on a user's Pc (windows Based Meeting Console). The solution is available at no cost download from the Microsoft site. There is also a Java based console which has antecedent release feature-set. This also operates in Mac and Solaris environments. The computer client for Live Meeting is not compatible on the Mac in either Firefox or Safari 3. x , however Non-windows users can connect to a web Live Meeting, if the meeting organizer publishes an Http Url to access the meeting. According to Microsoft technical support on September 26, 2008, there is no release date planned for Safari 3. x compatibility.

Live Meeting
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Live Meeting is convergence solution (i. , enables integration with an audio conference). Using the web you are able to control Pstn lines (mute all parties except your own, eject parties, etc. User accounts are grouped together in Conference Centers (a unique Url) which starts with: www. livemeeting. com/cc/. or www. placeware. com/cc/.

Live Meeting
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Users pay nothing to join a Live Meeting session. Charging for Live Meeting is done on an account basis. Supply of accounts is mostly done by resellers (global Telecoms companies) who supply per minute or monthly standing charges.

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