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Liferay screenshotsLiferay Portal is all about choice: we give you over 60 functions and a selection of today's most innovative technologies to allow you to do everything from creating sites to building intranets to simply getting the right docs and apps to the right people. See also Liferay alternatives

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Liferay is the only major independent portal vendor in the sphere without a stack agenda, which enables Liferay to make technology decisions built on what will most benefit clients, not what will increase revenue for other offering lines.

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Only Liferay gives you a system that operates today and is customizable enough to drive future strategic growth. Deploy Liferay in a week to get a full system for portals, data and collaboration for less than the cost of a single Websphere Cpu.

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Liferay works on your existing app servers, databases and operating solutions to eliminate new spending on infrastructure.

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