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Kerio Operator screenshotsKerio Operator is an Ip Pbx solution intended for small and medium sized businesses. Ready to run as a server solution offering as well as a hardware appliance, Kerio Operator simplifies implementation and integration of a smartphone solution into an existing It environment, while providing ease of use for both the client and the administrator. See also Kerio Operator alternatives

Kerio Operator
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Utilizing the industry-standard Sip VoIP protocol, Kerio Operator is compatible with any Sip device and provider, and will auto-configure with the most popular smartphones.

Kerio Operator
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Since Kerio Operator utilizes your existing information network with the industry standard Sip (session Initiation Protocol) to transmit and manage calls, management of the smartphone solution has now shifted from a smartphone expert to the It administrator.

Kerio Operator
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It has an intuitive web front-end so that previously expensive general and common to-dos like adding/changing/deleting office smartphone extensions can be done rapidly and without expert help. It's now much more practical and inexpensive for a small enterprise to sound large.

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