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Jungle Disk screenshotsJungle Disk is an online backup solution that stores its information in Amazon S3 or Rackspace Cloud Files. It was highlighted by Amazon as one of the earliest S3 customers. See also Jungle Disk alternatives

Jungle Disk
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The general Jungle Disk solution is provided as a monthly subscription model, and the client is billed directly by Amazon for information disk space and transfer.

Jungle Disk
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Jungle Disk can periodically back up selected files or directories. It offers a local webdav server and a local web front-end that synchronize to the user's S3/cloud Files account, optionally encrypting backed up information on the client side. For a monthly payment, the organization will provide a hosted web front-end and more advanced backup feature-set.

Jungle Disk
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Jungle Disk supports Linux, Mac Os X and Windows.

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