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Jive screenshotsJive Sbs is the only entERPrise system that provides the leadingfeatures of popular social networking, community, collaboration, andcontent management solution in a highly safe entERPrise platform. Itenables businesses to capture the value of the discussions happeningboth inside and external their enterprise firewalls, and leverage them todrive productivity and foster engagement. See also Jive alternatives

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The Jive Engage platform, now in its fifth generation, is the most powerful and innovative Social Enterprise Solution on the sphere. It brings together the most comprehensive functions of social networking, collaboration functions and community solution to deliver the richest user experience for every type of Social Enterprise network.

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With Jive Engage you can engage Users in internal communities, engage Clients in third-party communities, engage the Social Web by tracking Twitter, Facebook and other social multimedia from inside your Jive community.

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Filter out the noise with What Matters. View just the data and activity vital to your job. Simply setup great enterprise applications from the Jive Applications Sphere without requiring It.

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