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Jajah screenshotsJajah is a VoIP provider. Jajah's primary solution, Jajah Web, takes an approach called web-activated telephony, using VoIP to connect traditional smartphones (landline or mobile). Calls are made without download or user-installed solution, and in most cases at fees lower than those of traditional smartphone organizations or even completely free. See also Jajah alternatives

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Jajah released a solution product no-cost calls globally on June 27, 2006. The solution is limited to specified geographic areas, and Jajah has also adopted a fair use policy which limits the amount of no-cost Jajah calls.

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Calls between registered Jajah users are completely free for landline and mobile calls within the Usa, Canada, China, Singapore, Hong Kong, Thailand and apply also for landline calls to and within most European countries as well as Argentina, Australia, Israel, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico City, New Zealand, Venezuela and Zambia.

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A limitation is that planned calls and conference calls cannot be no-cost. In addition, Jajah's Faq pages says that Jajah asks its clients to pay from time to time (every six weeks). If you select not to pay, Jajah will start charging as it would for a normal call. It should also be noted that the lowest amount that can be credited to your account (every six weeks, if you want to retain the no-cost minutes) is $10.

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