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JBoss Portal screenshotsJboss Portal Platform offers a platform for centralized and safe access to apps and data, which fosters collaborationstreamlines, enterprise workflows, and reduces costs. built on open standards. Performance and scalability are assured. See also JBoss Portal alternatives

JBoss Portal
(JBoss Portal screenshot #1)

Achieve Faster Results by Maximizing Existing Investments - EntERPrise Portal Platform focuses on making the most of your existing hardware, solution and developer investments by supporting a wide range of infrastructures, product advanced app bridging via Jboss Portlet Bridge, and utilizing a lightweight footprint. Mitigating a rip and replace approach to portal deployment reduces the time it takes to achieve results.

JBoss Portal
(JBoss Portal screenshot #2)

Reduction in Time and Effort with simple Administration Functions - With a new dynamic, user front-end and administration functions it is easier than ever for line of enterprise resources to add, customize and manage their own sites, thus reducing the effort and lead time required to keep the portal up to date and relevant to the user base.

JBoss Portal
(JBoss Portal screenshot #3)

Simple Creation and Management of Web Data - The EntERPrise Portal Platform Website Publisher (powered by Exo) add on allows authoring, publishing and managing web data within the context of the portal. This eliminates the need for adding or integrating data management solutions for many common portal and site scenarios.

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