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Infor ERP screenshotsEquip yourself with the functions you need to cut costs, enhance operational efficiency, and make smarter decisions faster. That's what you get from Infor ERP solution ready to go, without expensive customizations or long, drawn-out deployments. And with flexibility, so you can add functionality as your enterprise grows. See also Infor ERP alternatives

Infor ERP
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The most comprehensive and powerful solution available for managing the demands of complex manufacturing, distribution, and service industries , giving you unparalleled control over your global operations. The latest version provides new technologies that transform your user experience for greater productivity and connectivity.

Infor ERP
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Developed specifically to support companies that are in the business to make, move, or maintain products, including Distribution, equipment Solution Management and Rental, Fashion, Food & Beverage, and Manufacturing. Lawson M3 ERP EntERPrise apps feature industry-specific feature-set and are developed for the easiest deployment, use, and maintenance.

Infor ERP
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Offers the foundation for discrete manufacturers in a broad range of industries, such as metal fabrication, industrial equipment and machinery, and high-tech and electronics, to enhance enterprise efficiency, client solution, and productivity. ERP Enterprise allows tight integration with functions for sales and client relationships, production, supply chain, offering information, inventory, accounting and financials, and human resources.

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