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IBM Docs screenshotsIBM Docs is a new office productivity suite for working on documents, spreadsheets and presentations -- together -- in the cloud. IBM Docs only a browser and an account, and you are able to easily create professional looking documents and share them with others. IBM Docs is simple yet powerful – letting you get started quickly, but delivering the advanced features you need. See also IBM Docs alternatives

IBM Docs
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When you need to create a letter, a report, or any document that you need to share with colleagues, leverage the powerful, feature-rich IBM Docs editor

IBM Docs
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Don't start from scratch...use the library of document templates or upload and edit existing IBM Docs or Microsoft Word and Excel documents to get started even faster.

IBM Docs
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When you need to work on a document together but at different times, IBM Docs commenting and discussion services allow “conversations” to take place, issues to be flagged and follow up tasks to be assigned.... all inside the document and in context.

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