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GroupWise screenshotsGroupwise is a messaging and collaborative solution platform from Novell that supports email, calendaring, individual data management, instant messaging, and document management. The platform consists of the client solution, which is available for Windows, Mac Os X, and Linux, and the server solution, which is supported on Windows Server, Netware, and Linux. See also GroupWise alternatives

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You can do a lot better than just keeping monitor of smartphone numbers and addresses. Now you can keep monitor of people, histories, agreements, connections and more, right within Groupwise. Contact management in Groupwise is more than a digital Rolodex it's a comprehensive solution that helps you monitor, manage and create all-important enterprise relationships.

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With Groupwise you can support up to 10000, users on a single server. And centralized, policy-based administration means one administrator can manage several thousand Groupwise user accounts; in fact, many current Novell clients manage 5000-10000, users with only one administrator. (yes, you read that right.

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Microsoft Exchange is the world's leading target for hackers, and not just because of its widespread use. Hooks in the code allow simple external integration, yes but also provide entryways into your solution. Reactive patching and other Microsoft security measures simply can't keep up with the speed and innovation that hackers demonstrate when attacking a solution.

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