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Goplan screenshotsGoplan is an online project management application. It enables groups to work together via to-dos, file management, chat, calendaring and more. See also Goplan alternatives

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Goplan is a web team-based collaboration and project management solution designed in Portugal. Goplan is a privately held venture, funded by Webreakstuff and its founders.

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Goplan offers project and task management, bug tracking, document management, planning, milestone management, user activity streams, thread feature-set, Ui configuration, security and authorization as well as an Api that enables external programmers to extend its feature-set.

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Goplan was first opened to the public in 2006 after 6 months of private beta. Since, there has been a full rewrite of the app, with edition 2 launching in March 2009, with a revamped user front-end and extended feature-set. In April 2010, an Iphone and Ipad edition of the offering was announced.

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