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Google Talk screenshotsGoogle Talk allows you to call or send instant messages to your friends at no cost, anytime, anywhere around the world. Google Talk enables you to get in touch with an Im, email, or a call (only between Google Talk users) and supports files transfering. Google Talk requires Windows Xp/2000 but Mac and Linux users can connect to Google Talk using other Im customers. No-cost download. See also Google Talk alternatives

Google Talk
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Google has announced that a major objective of the Google Talk solution is interoperability. Google Talk uses Xmpp to provide real-time extensible messaging and presence events, including offline messaging and voice mailing. On January 17, 2006, Google enabled server-to-server communications, federating itself with any Xmpp server that supports the dialback protocol.

Google Talk
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Instant messaging between the Google Talk servers and its customers uses an open protocol, Xmpp, enabling users of other Xmpp/jabber customers to communicate with Google Talk users. VoIP in Google Talk uses an older edition of what would later become the Jingle protocol. The technology used within the Google server network, however, is not publicly known.

Google Talk
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The connection between the Google Talk client and the Google Talk server is encrypted, except when using the international edition of the client, Gmail's chat over Http, a federated network that doesn't support encryption, or when using a proxy like Imlogic.

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