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Google Groups screenshotsGoogle Workgroups enable you to add workspaces for departments orprojects that include wiki, forums and files. And also Googlegroups enable you to rapidly provide access to the different elements inGoogle Apps (documents, calendars, videos, sites) to certain team ofemployees. See also Google Groups alternatives

Google Groups
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Google Workgroups is a solution from Google Inc. that supports thread workgroups, including many Usenet newsgroups, built on common interests. The solution was launched in 1995 as Deja News, and was transitioned to Google Workgroups after a February 2001 buyout.

Google Groups
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Membership in Google Workgroups is completely free and many workgroups are anonymous. Users can find thread workgroups related to their interests and participate in threaded discussions, either via a web front-end or by email.

Google Groups
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They can also start new workgroups. Google Workgroups also contains an archive of Usenet newsgroup postings dating back to 1981 and supports reading and posting to Usenet workgroups. Users can also set up mailing list archives for email lists that are hosted elsewhere.

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