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Google Docs screenshotsGoogle Docs & Spreadsheets is a web editor that enables you to add text docs and spreadsheets. You can simply do all the basics, including making bulleted lists, sorting by columns, adding tables, pictures, comments, formulas, changing fonts and more. Google Docs & Spreadsheets enables you to upload your files and make changes to them online. It accepts most popular file extensions. It is possible to invite people and collaborate on files collaboratively; besides, you can publish your docs and spreadsheets online with one click, as normal-looking web pages. No-cost to use. See also Google Docs alternatives

Google Docs
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1 Gb of disk space is provided at no cost. Currently add-on disk space costs per year are: 20 Gb-$5, 80 Gb-$20, etc. up to 16 Tb. Personal docs may not exceed 1 Gb as of 13 January 2010, embedded pictures must not exceed 2 Mb each, and spreadsheets are limited to 256 columns, 200000, rows, and 99 sheets. In September 2009, an equation editor was added which enables rendering in Latex format. However, Google Docs lacks an equation numbering feature. Find and Replace is available, but there is no opportunity to do the search in a reverse direction.

Google Docs
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Google Docs is one of many cloud computing document-sharing applications. The majority of document-sharing applications require user fees, whereas Google Docs is no-cost. Its popularity amongst businesses is growing due to enhanced sharing functions and accessibility. In addition, Google Docs has enjoyed a rapid rise in popularity among students and educational institutions.

Google Docs
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Docs are automatically saved to Google's servers to prevent information loss, and a revision history is automatically kept so past edits may be viewed (although this only operates for adjacent revisions, and finding changes in long docs is difficult). Docs can be tagged and archived for organizational purposes.

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