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Google Buzz screenshotsGoogle Buzz is a social collaboration solution inside Gmail. It allows to share updates, pictures, videos, and more. Functions deep Gmail integration. Offers open Api. Integrates with third-party social networks. See also Google Buzz alternatives

Google Buzz
(Google Buzz screenshot #1)

Buzz allows users to select to share publicly with the world or privately to a team of friends each time they post. Picasa, Flickr, Google Latitude, Google Reader, Google Sidewiki, Youtube, Blogger, Friendfeed, identi. ca and Twitter are currently integrated. The creation of Buzz was seen by industry analysts as an attempt by Google to compete with social networking sites like Facebook and microblogging applications like Twitter.

Google Buzz
(Google Buzz screenshot #2)

Buzz also contains several front-end and interaction elements from other Google offers (e. Google Reader) such as the opportunity to like a post.

Google Buzz
(Google Buzz screenshot #3)

When the solution is accessed with a supported mobile device, Buzz tags posts with the user's current location. Users are only permitted to use the actual physical location reported by the device for their Buzz posts; unlike the Google Latitude location-sharing solution, Buzz does not enable users to manually set an arbitrary location.

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