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Empressr screenshotsEmpressr is an Ajax/flash-based web app that lets you add, share and access presentations online. Empressr allows you to incorporate rich multimedia functions, like streaming video and animation, to add and share the most dynamic presentations possible. See also Empressr alternatives

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At the moment you can add and save up to five presentations. Currently, it is not possible to download/export/view presentations in any other app. Empressr is no-cost to use.

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Tell your story anyway you like. Add pictures, music, video, and audio, and share it publicly or privately in an instant.

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You can add an Empressr in minutes. And you don't even need to have experience with Flash in order to use it. Empressr's intuitive functions and solution tips help you select the text, pictures and media (video and audio) objects you wish to use making it a snap to add your story or presentation. The all-inclusive multimedia library enables you to upload and manage your multimedia objects and functions drag-n-drop, search, filter and tag support to locate files rapidly. You can rapidly import pictures from Flickr, Google, Yahoo and Photobucket. Can't find the right image? Not a problem. Use your inbuilt camera to capture pictures directly into your Empressr multimedia library, shoot a still, or record video and audio such as voice overs or sound tracks.

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