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DropBox screenshotsOnline disk space solution, integrated with your computer. Automatically syncs chosen directory with other machines. Dropbox lets you upload any type of file, as long as it is smaller than 350mb. Dropbox uses Amazon's S3 solution as its disk space system and offers its users with 2gb of no-cost disk space. Supports Windows Xp and Vista, Mac Osx, and Linux. See also DropBox alternatives

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Dropbox operates on the Freeware financial model and in this respect is alike to Evernote and Pandora Radio.

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Dropbox provides a no-cost account of 2 Gb and a paid account of 50 Gb, 100 Gb, and a group account of 350 Gb. The no-cost account and the paid account are identical in all aspects except for the amount of disk space space provided. Providing the no-cost account to users costs a lot of money to Dropbox but nevertheless Dropbox continues to provide the no-cost accounts because it benefits Dropbox in several ways.

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For a brief period of time, Dropbox operated an partner software whereby third parties which referred clients to Dropbox would get a small cut out of Dropbox's revenue. But this partner software was shut down indefinitely on November 5, 2009 because it was not providing good returns.

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