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Documentum for iPad screenshotsThis edition of EMC Documentum Mobile is optimized for the iPad, meaning that you can enjoy the full Emc Documentum Mobile experience on the large display. Getting the data you want; when you need it has never been easier. Emc Documentum Mobile has a easy, intuitive front-end, enabling users to access and securely browse the Documentum Ecm repository - from anywhere. See also Documentum for iPad alternatives

Documentum for iPad
(Documentum for iPad screenshot #1)

Documentum Mobile is not entirely new; it was already demonstrated at Emc World earlier on in the year. Reviewers at the time described it as not overly fancy but efficient, practical and useful. Really, what more could you want?.

Documentum for iPad
(Documentum for iPad screenshot #2)

There's no mystery about this app: It gives users safe access to data stored in Documentum repositories via the iPad, and from anywhere you can take the iPad. the release, Emc says, is also part of its Choice Computing initiative, which aims to give users access to any data that exists across Emc offers from the device of their choice.

Documentum for iPad
(Documentum for iPad screenshot #3)

Via the front-end, users can carry out to-dos such as repository search using data previews, as well as downloading data, approving and collaborating on processes, as well as offline mode.

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