Screenshots screenshotsEssentially, Do. com gets you organized. The application enables you to assign to-dos to individuals or add joint endeavors, and users can improve the experience with comments or even a rejection note. If you're an Evernote fan you'll also enjoy the note capture feature, which can turn snippets from your digital thought stream into add-on to-dos. See also alternatives
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The general idea of Do. com is that Gmail users will be able to visualize their contacts better, and organise their communications with those contacts around to-dos and projects. But the task concept is loose enough to apply to just about any type of association; it could literally be a team of neighbors gathering together to fix someone's fence, or launch a political campaign for a local city councilperson, or start a barbecue or a blog.
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The solution is structured to allow users to bring contacts into to-dos without them having to be Do. com users first. From the task organizer's viewpoint, her contacts may already be assigned; meanwhile, the contacts themselves are receiving invitations to join Do. com.
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Clicking on Join and entering a new username and pass enrolls the new user, who will instantly see the to-dos assigned to him. You can work with anybody on anything, says Salesforce's Whiteley, and all you have to do is invite them to use a project or assign them a task. Then as a member of this collaborative space, they can work together with the people to complete the projects and to-dos.

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