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Digsby screenshotsDigsby is a cross-protocol Im client, email notification and sending solution and social networking solution. See also Digsby alternatives

(Digsby screenshot #1)

Digsby also supports alerts and newsfeeds from Myspace, Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin. Digsby has built in add-on functions such as customizable skins for the client and Im windows, aggregated web search from within the client via multiple websites, composing emails from Im windows, combining friends from multiple customers into one contact listing, and even a separable Twitter client with unique functions such as chronological streaming (oldest to newest).

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It is released no-cost under a proprietary license. Development is funded via optional sponsored add-on apps via installer and distributed computing. It needs registration, which can be done via the program's installer or via a web front-end.

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As of March 20, 2008, the Digsby app is in its public beta testing of development and is still available for Windows only (mac & Linux editions continue to be forthcoming).

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