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Daptiv screenshotsDaptiv's saas collaborative enterprise solution allows your organization to streamline work in the mid-office the nerve center of your company where the daily work gets done. Daptiv helps users work together, reduces the complexity of managing groups, projects and to-dos and gives managers an unparalleled visibility into mid-office process. See also Daptiv alternatives

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Daptiv takes a unique approach to project portfolio management (ppm). We provide industry-leading Ppm feature-set, but unlike vendors that force you to change your workflows to fit their functions, we've developed our system with you and your group in mind. Daptiv is customizable and simply configured so that you can introduce comprehensive new Ppm features when and where your company is ready for them.

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Daptiv helps organizations to enhance their strategic scheduling and enterprise execution by product customizable Ppm systems and expert professional applications.

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Daptiv has some of the foremost project portfolio management experts in the industry who can help your company enhance your workflows and achieve a successful rollout. We also provide 24x7 support to ensure you always have a Daptiv expert on call when you need one.

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