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Compiere screenshotsCompiere open source ERP solution offers a modern, highly adaptable, low-cost ERP enterprise system. Compiere modules are: Quote to Cash, Requisition-to-pay, Customer Relationship Management, Partner Relations Management, Supply Chain Management, Performance Analysis, Warehouse, Double-entry Book-keeping, Work-flow-management and Web Shop. See also Compiere alternatives

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Compiere provides a broad and wide set of integrated enterprise feature-set on a global-ready platform. Manage any number of companies, warehouses, languages, currencies, and accounting rules. Utilize role-based Management Dashboards with drill-down capability to effectively monitor and analyse your operations. Pre-built charts and graphs are offered and are simply expanded to meet your specific needs. And, Compiere EntERPrise is built to scale - supporting multiple servers, big transaction volumes, hundreds of users and enterprise complexity required by demanding businesses of all sizes.

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Compiere's revolutionary design allows apps to be simply customized and extended without programming - a first in the ERP industry. Apps are defined as objects in an Active Information Dictionary. Changes are simply made using a modern drag and drop Visual Dictionary Editor. Your It staff will simply embrace the techniques required to extend Compiere.

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Compiere's innovative design reduces the cost and effort associated with upgrading enterprise apps. Compiere's Automated Upgrade Technology allows seamless migration to new solution editions while preserving all Dictionary-based customizations, saving significant time and cost compared to traditional solutions.

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