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Collanos screenshotsWith Collanos you can be sharing docs, having online forums, and managing to-dos, all in a single, consolidated space. based on robust p2p technology, Collanos Workgroup solution enables you to work anywhere, anytime, both online and offline. Collanos works on Windows, Mac and Linux. See also Collanos alternatives

(Collanos screenshot #1)

Keep all project related data in a single, consolidated collaborative space. From now on all you need to access is one place to do any project-related activity without the need of going back and forth between multiple functions and channels.

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We know that projects involve countless files, editions, to-dos, notes, document related forums, and basic forums with one or more group users. Collanos Workgroup enables you integrate and share any project-related data (even pictures, music and video files) into your collaborative space using the latest encryption protocols.

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With all the data being communicated across your groups, it's hard to keep monitor of new data or urgent matters that need to be addressed instantly. Collanos Workgroup enables you to send instant messages to group users and alerts you when updates have been made.

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