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Cisco Quad screenshotsEntERPrise collaboration platform that combines the power of social networking with communications, enterprise data, and data management solutions. simultaneously, it meets It's needs for policy management, scalability, security, and ease of management. See also Cisco Quad alternatives

Cisco Quad
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Via the combined power of social solution and unified communications, the connections between people, data, and communities become visible and actionable. People are freed from email and un-tethered from their desktops.

Cisco Quad
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They're able to customize, personalize, and control their own experiences. And the answers they're looking for automatically find them. The result is a workforce that's engaged, empowered, and enlightened to deliver to its fullest potential.

Cisco Quad
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Today, the workforce defines the true potential of what an entERPrise can be. After spending decades automating enterprise workflows, companies are using the power of consumer social networking to optimize their workforces.

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