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Central Desktop screenshotsCentral Computer offers easy project collaboration functions for enterprise groups. Our functions help your enterprise organise and share data productively, communicate with others and work together on projects. See also Central Desktop alternatives

Central Desktop
(Central Desktop screenshot #1)

Automate manual workflows to streamline operations. Notify group users when a work order is submitted, when work has been completed, or at any stage of the workflow in between. Add process rules to automatically assign to-dos and send automated alerts rather than manually managing the workflow so group users can focus on higher-level work.

Central Desktop
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Complete projects faster. Proactively manage project objectives and milestones with deadlines, task lists, to-dos and notifications. Get faster, more accurate feedback from project stakeholders via forums and comprehensive commenting and markup functions so you can make faster revisions and come to consensus more rapidly.

Central Desktop
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Get more visibility across groups and the entERPrise. View recent activity, forums and statuses across groups, projects, to-dos or the whole company in real-time via dashboards and reporting. Active colleagues can participate by emailing or posting feedback.

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