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Cashboard screenshotsCashboard does time tracking, expenses, invoicing, estimates, and online payments done your way.   It covers creating and sending client estimates, tracking time (either by direct information entry, via using a Mac dashboard widget, or via integration with a standalone Os X app there's no Windows integration yet), and creating, sending, and tracking invoice status. See also Cashboard alternatives

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The benefits of the web app world are twofold. You can find resources for relative cheap (if not free), and if the organization is just getting started, like Cashboard (at the time of this review), then upgrades are usually quickly and furious. SiGNUp for Cashboard is easy, but one thing is hight-priority to note in the workflow you really need to note your unique web address.

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Online solution for online invoicing, time tracking, expense tracking, and accepting online payments. Cashboard can currently be integrated with Basecamp or export details to Xml.

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The front-end is a mix of text and glowing blue buttons with the general navigation tabs running across the top and the appropriate buttons for each area on the right side. There are a couple of instances where it feels like the template doesn't feel quite right. For example, I found myself constantly trying to scan the left side of the display for the task I wanted to try out, when the buttons were actually located on the far right. To be fair, Cashboard is still in beta, and these sort of design bugs will inevitably work themselves out.

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