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Apple Remote Desktop screenshotsA full Mac-based computer management system enabling centralized setup of solution for all of your Mac-based network, Apple Online Computer is also a robust real-time desktop sharing system which operates not just with Mac solutions but with any Virtual Network Computing (vnc)-enabled computer, including Windows, Linux or Unix solutions Apple Online Computer 2 enables you to observe up to 50 customers diplays simultaneously, as well as control personal diplays. Ard integrates also online control, text chat and several other functions. Price $ 299. See also Apple Remote Desktop alternatives

Apple Remote Desktop
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Apple Online Computer 3, the proven computer management solution for Mac Os X has more than 50 new functions that deliver improvements in solution distribution, asset management, and online assistance. Apple Online Computer 3 provides a wide range of high performance functions, including lightning-fast Spotlight searches across multiple systems; more than 40 Automator actions for simple automation of repetitive tasks; a Dashboard widget that offers quick and convenient observation of online systems; and Autoinstall for automatically updating solution on mobile solutions once they return to the network.

Apple Remote Desktop
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Installing solution or updates to your network has never been this simple. Take an existing suite, either from Apple or a external, and simply use the Setup Suite to copy and setup on your client computers. And it operates with custom setup packages as well. Apple Online Computer will alert your system's users to upgrades and even restart machines remotely.

Apple Remote Desktop
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Autoinstall enables you to stage solution on a Task Server, which then takes care of distributing the packages for setup on client computers. You can even specify a schedule for setup to occur at a time that is most convenient for your company. And if a computer is not on the network, the Task Server will keep monitor and automatically setup the suite once the solution is online.

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