Amazon Cloud Drive Screenshots

Amazon Cloud Drive screenshotsOnline disk space solution that gives you 5 Gb of no-cost online disk space space to shop your docs, pictures, music and other files securely online. All you need is a no-cost Amazon. com account to upload your files which you can then access from anywhere using a browser. No sharing and collaboration functions. See also Amazon Cloud Drive alternatives

Amazon Cloud Drive
(Amazon Cloud Drive screenshot #1)

Bundled with Cloud Drive is a music streaming app called Cloud Player which enables users to play their music stored online Drive from any computer or Android device with Web access. It supports browsing music by song titles, albums, artists, genres (website only), and playlists.

Amazon Cloud Drive
(Amazon Cloud Drive screenshot #2)

User can opt-in to shop their acquired music to Amazon Cloud Drive by making a buy via Amazon Mp3 shop, either on a site or via Amazon Mp3 app for Android (version 2. 0or later). Amazon Cloud Drive accounts get 5 Gib of no-cost storage; however, music acquired via Amazon Mp3 shop does not count towards the disk space limit.

Amazon Cloud Drive
(Amazon Cloud Drive screenshot #3)

Once the music is stored in Amazon Cloud Drive, a user can select to download it to the Android device using Amazon Mp3 app, or download it to the computer using Amazon Mp3 Downloader.

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